Veteran’s Program Management

O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. offers assistance to veterans and their surviving spouses to purchase home care.  O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. will work individually with each prospective applicant to:

Determine Eligibility

Each applicant will be prescreened to determine their overall eligibility, the amount of benefits they are entitled to, as well as whether they qualify based on a medical need.


O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. will work individually with each applicant to ensure all the necessary paperwork is filled out in its entirety and correctly.  Along with the application, documentation of military service and medical expenses need to be gathered and submitted.  It takes approximately 1 month for the VA to approve applications and 2 – 6 months to begin paying the pension. 

Caregiver Determination

Each applicant, based on their unique non-medical home care needs, schedules, and pension determination will be assigned a caregiver by O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc.  Each caregiver undergoes a thorough screening process including an in-depth interview, criminal and DMV background checks and numerous personal and employment reference checks.

Taxes & Insurance

O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. is a Payroll company.  All unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation and social security taxes are paid by O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. and built into the price of our products.  As well, income taxes are withheld for employees each week.  Our service is all-inclusive and requires no additional reporting of wages by the client.


O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. takes responsibility for our client’s and our employees.  We will remain continually in contact with our clients to make sure their needs are being satisfied.  Additionally, we are in constant contact with our employees to ensure they have all the necessary tools and skills at their disposal to give the best possible care.


Each year our clients will need to reapply for this pension program.  While it is not as rigorous as the initial application, O'Hara Senior Care Services, Inc. will work together with the client to ensure all paperwork is filled in properly and on time preventing any interruption in services.

VA Aid & Attendance Pension Eligibility Requirements

Pension Summary

The VA’s non-service connected disability – Aid and Attendance Pension – was designed to;

  • assist wartime veterans and their surviving spouses with the purchase of necessary non-reimbursed heath and home care expenses. 

Included in the VA definition of non-reimbursed expenses are:

  • private health care premiums
  • diabetic supplies
  • some equipment rental expenses and home care expenses.  Home care includes services such as assistance with cooking, light housekeeping, transportation, errands, grocery shopping, providing medication reminders, and providing supervision while dressing and grooming.

Maximum Pension Amounts

Veteran:  $1,759.00 per month
Surviving Spouse:  $1,130.00 per month
Veteran and Spouse:  $2,085.00 per month

Pension Eligibility

To qualify for this pension, the veteran;

  • Must have been honorably discharged.
  • Must have served a minimum of 90 days of active military duty.
  • Must have served a minimum of 1 (one) day during wartime regardless of their location.
  • Must own less than $70,000 in liquid assets (bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, etc.)
  • Must have a medical diagnosis that indicates that he/she requires regular assistance with their  activities of daily living.  This is determined on an individual basis through your Primary Care Physician and includes any of the following conditions:
    • Difficulties with ambulation, inability to drive, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, previous stroke activity, severe arthritis, breathing/lung disease,  visual problems, Parkinson’s disease or severe osteoporosis. Each case will be determined on an individual bases and is not limited to the above stated  conditions. The Veteran can no longer be driving.

Income limitations are based upon a combination of your monthly income (excluding VA Pension, Social Security Supplements and welfare payments), one’s reoccurring non-reimbursed  medical expenses, and the amount of home care you purchase.  For those with an income greater than the total pension amount, a partial payment may be required for eligibility. Not taxable income because it’s a disability pension.